meet the author

Taylor "TJ" Nelson

Taylor has persevered over debilitating challenges imposed by chronic Lyme disease to rebuild his life, launching and growing his multimillion-dollar company, Direct Solar, despite his diagnosis.

Before Lyme Disease, he loved to lift weights, travel, eat at random restaurants, and at one point was one of the top direct salespeople for the largest residential solar company in the United States.

After Lyme Disease struck, he not only lost everything but wasn’t sure if he was even going to live.

Dealing with intense fatigue, depression, suicidal ideation, and a million other symptoms on top of building a business from scratch in a highly competitive industry, Taylor has had to face inner demons he didn’t know were even possible in this life to experience.

He applies the same tenacity to build his business that he uses to improve his health. While Lyme threatened to rob him of everything, his entrepreneurial spirit taught him how to rise above the darkness and become a Lyme disease success story.

Today he hopes that his story helps provide inspiration for others dealing with the same hell that Lyme can inflict upon someone so that they never gave up.