I’m reaching the effort is there I’d already have you if life was fair But one night of low sleepAnd I’m knocked back deep Relentless I know I deserve you But I still haven’t picked up all the clues I’ve spent the money, the time, the habitsYou can just beat

I wish I could be angry. But I can’t be. Because a full spectrum of emotions would overwhelm me. One small thing can tip my immune system to relapse. I’m not mad. No. I’m trapped. Like a prisoner in lonely confinement who looks forward to just one call. The moments

I’ve been at war for far too longAnd I’m readyThis is my PTSD song5 years steady When is my turn to finally be freeLet me be free from this prison that you can all find me I got all these feelings And I don’t know how to feel themI’m ready

They say no pain no gainBut I’ve Sitting here daily feeling like my minds going insaneIt’s weird how the news doesn’t let it get any fameIts scary how many people out there with a Lyme brain You think of big things like maybe I’ll be an actor One audition leaves

I Was Told…Effort and mindset that’s all I needDon’t be upset your thoughts can misleadBut you get ill and your only bet is treatmentYou realize the book the secret is just lazy and convenient Suicidal thoughts 27 days out of 30All alone because others get tired of being worriedYou know

I’ve been in hell for years and years and years. Survival mode, feeling sick every damn day, and the biggest thing I’m doing is trying to prevent suicide. Then all a sudden, I get some relief. I start to feel normal. I feel good for once. When you haven’t felt