Reaching – Poem

I’m reaching the effort is there
I’d already have you if life was fair
But one night of low sleep
And I’m knocked back deep

Relentless I know I deserve you
But I still haven’t picked up all the clues
I’ve spent the money, the time, the habits
You can just beat up my soul and stab it

I’ll just patch it up and conceal
I have to emanate a strong feel
At the end of the day, it’s up to my expertise
This is the do-it-yourself disease

Don’t try and call insurance companies saying please
Chronic issues don’t exist per the CDC
Looking normal like everyone else in the night breeze
So people can only offer words to put you at ease

Go ahead and stop the tease.
I’ll go as far as stinging my spine with bees
Others have you I must be appeased
Just hand over the god damn keys

I won’t stop
I’ve spent $30 grand Canadian one drop
I’ve set up a solar shop
I could speak a TedX Workshop

One step away to crossing the healthy line
You’ll only be what a Corona needs in the summertime
So you can have your gluten, dairy, or all the seven seas
I won’t stop until I’ve mastered this do-it-yourself disease.

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