Lyme Mind – Song

They say no pain no gain
But I’ve Sitting here daily feeling like my minds going insane
It’s weird how the news doesn’t let it get any fame
Its scary how many people out there with a Lyme brain

You think of big things like maybe I’ll be an actor
One audition leaves you like you’ve been run over by a tractor
You thought you could make it despite borrelia’s negative factors
You’re only escape is dark humor dark laughter

You reached for your goals but your body said no
Killing coinfections with the Oil of oregano
The next day you’re energy has come to a close
You won’t even be able to change a simple laundry load

People make plans that have You avoid
who knows if you’ll wake up that morning and feel destroyed

People with disease my heart goes out to you
That brain fog makes it hard to figure out what to do

People pleyibg bssketball working
on their shootin
But you’re just worried that you’re gonna die from eating gluten

Living with an invsiibile secretive internal hell
But at least you still look good on your outward external shell
You hope it can be curable but only time will tell
You wonder how you ever took for granted feeling well

Sometimes you’re put on your crackling knees
Begging for mercy and thinking please
Any good day is a glimpse and a tease
When your body has made friends with this Lyme disease

Had to stop lifting and let your body go weak
Don’t even plan on a night of good sleep
Knowing when you take your shirt off at the nearby park
People see Cat Scratch Fever’s made its mark

Almost two years with symptoms asking what is it
All these doctors want over $500 bucks per visit
You spend your life researching almost every single minute
You wish you could just get cured at one magical clinic

Healing takes years and years of perfect technique
In the middle of the journey and the mind can go weak
When you looking for sanity but it’s playing hide and seek
Your kitchen has transformed into a supplement boutique

Think and Grow Rich and The Secret all the Time
But all that fake positive thinking doesn’t make you feel fine
Blaming yourself for attracting a tick is a mental crime
It just stresses you out and makes you Think and Grow Lyme

Pain still exists on medical marijuana
Looking up price for Ozone in Tijuana
Shit isn’t cheap reaching a zone of health nirvana
No couch in my living room just an infrared sauna

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