I Was Told – Song

I Was Told…
Effort and mindset that’s all I need
Don’t be upset your thoughts can mislead
But you get ill and your only bet is treatment
You realize the book the secret is just lazy and convenient

Suicidal thoughts 27 days out of 30
All alone because others get tired of being worried
You know its the illness but these thoughts still full of stigma
Suicidal & tired isn’t exactly the recipe for charisma

I Was Told…
Family will always be there
Especially if you get lost in a maze of despair
Back home in Utah only to discover
I’m still alone in this jigsaw even ignored by my own brother

Each day I know its just TJ & Taylor
I can’t grow when I’m always so near to failure
Each day I’ve learned to come off strong & fun
Really I’ve just lost my concern that I wish my life was done

I Was Told…
With effort my life could be full of wealth
But not the impossibility of life with no energy and health
That life will work out & you just gotta find the key
But not that some of us just get slapped by hard reality

Life isn’t always meant to be simple & easy
It’s not the Universe’s job to go out of its way to please me
I always judged older people when they didn’t have any joy
Instead of asking myself maybe something in their life got destroyed.

I Was Told…
Everything is possible in life & business
But nobody showed me chronicles of loss & sickness
So maybe what we all desperately need
Is to be honest about the fact that sometimes as humans… we bleed

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