Let Me Be Free – Song

I’ve been at war for far too long
And I’m ready
This is my PTSD song
5 years steady

When is my turn to finally be free
Let me be free from this prison that you can all find me

I got all these feelings
And I don’t know how to feel them
I’m ready to go down a new road
Let life go back to easy mode

I can take all of life’s basic chores
But I don’t think I can take this Lyme no more

Sick of this flu give me my clue when do I get my breakthrough
What other lessons are there in the queue that you want me to go and chew?
Perseverance, and gratitude, never giving up, and who’s with you
Not very many and that’s alright I got TJ I got Taylor too

I got all these feelings
I don’t know how to fucking feel them
I had to suppress it all for 5 years
What do you expect I got some fears

Let me be free [the other C shaped cord with the hammer ons and the pauses]
Let me be free
Mother fucka let me be free

I think it is my time now
I think I have learned now

So please please please
Let me be free
So please please please
Let me be free

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