Bartonella Umbrella – Poem

On the rise but still have things on my mind
Shifting tides but still stuff messing up my life
Even positive mentally but my body is war fundamentally
Happened accidentally my body wasn’t against me

My money has mistreatment on every health treatment
Wish I could commit to a kit but there is no magical secret
But maybe just like these rhymes I’ll try it all at the same time
Maybe I’ll finally be sleeping at bedtime from the thyme enzymes

Making tea for teatime in the springtime preparing supps in the meantime
No downtime treatment in this grime while the CDC committing its crime
Spending every dime on this climb trying to get back to my health prime
Spent hours full-time in work grind while this Lyme commits it’s war crime

Bartonella is my worst fella I’ll tell ya
Mind goes acapella not feeling stella as I become a crazy fella
No sugar or nutella with the all these diseases under this umbrella
Babesia, Rocky Mountain, can’t escape this flagella, give me some chlorella
No cheese no mozzarella hell I probably even have salmonella

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