Letter To Lyme


You’ve altered my life, you’ve put me at 30%, you’ve restricted me from hitting my potential, you’ve caused relationships to distance. I’ve had more pain & suffering than I knew was humanly possible.

I can’t eat food like normal. I can’t exercise. I can’t travel & attend conferences. You’ve put me in a jail cell, an internal secret prison that nobody else can see. I’ve been in a long sentence, no idea when the end date will be, put out on parole momentarily until I get thrown back in.

While in the cell I’ve built a business, written a book, journeyed to depths of the human experience, & learned more about life than what may have taken 20 years. Maybe I still haven’t fully learned my lesson & that’s why I’m still in here.

Maybe I can stop resisting and try go with the flow. Instead of judging myself, I can wear my sentence with pride & honor. Like a war veteran with a medal – would never want to go back & experience the horrifying experience, but I’m a veteran.

At the least, this will be the ultimate challenge of learning how to fully accept and love myself, so I can then give that back to the world.

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