Pain Politics – Poem

Feel empty
But it isn’t a bad empty
Feel neutral
But it isn’t a bad neutral

It’s a feeling of the aftermath of chaos
You don’t feel bad. You feel neutralized.
You don’t feel intensity or anything thrilling
But your peace isn’t exactly fulfilling

I feel clear minded, calm, slightly content
I wonder what this last Lyme relapse meant
Striving forwards with a mental push, just not the same
Healing up relationships so there isn’t as much anger or flame

I enjoyed being opened up emotionally by Robin
When at the time my heart was throbbing
But now it is altered and the door is closed
Just a lesson to be learned from my pain being overexposed

For the challenge is so great when I become sick
The pain starts running it’s own mental politics
The lesson of learning to communicate the raw self
Another experience to put on the bookshelf

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