The Lessons In Suffering

**This was written during a massive flareup, so it is a little darker.

The lessons in suffering.

Life is suffering.

Some suffer too much. Others too little.

Either way, it’s unavoidable.

Some situations need to be accepted. To realize you’re hopping on the roller coaster of suffering and it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

I got Lyme and coinfections several years ago.

It took away my income, most of my friends, ability to think, and ability to eat 95% of Foods and to exercise.

Produced insomnia, pain behind my eyes, stiff neck and body, unbelievable fatigue, isolation, and at one point was so bad I couldn’t even read.

I’m not religious at all, and there was more than once I dropped to my knees and just started praying for some reason.

No, reading The Secret won’t fix anything.

No, a healer that costs $250 for 15 minutes to energetically talk to you isn’t going to do anything.

No, drinking tea with l-tryptophan/passionflower/chaga mushroom while doing hot NLP yoga and breathing into my pineal gland wont do anything.

And no, these aren’t “limiting beliefs.”

Nothing will get rid of the suffering.

Well, maybe a big gang of puppies full of love ambushing you with absorbable THC all over their fur could take the edge off.

Sometimes you have to face reality.

Look it head on.

Realize, “my life sucks.”

Strap yourself in and instead of trying to close your eyes while the rollercoaster goes through loops, which will just make you more nauseous, open your eyes and accept the ride that life put you on and at least know there’s an end point somewhere.

Sometimes, you have to look at the whole ride and admit, “I’m in for a rough time” and face reality head on to conquer it.

Sometimes the way is through, not around.

That way you focus on the actual solution to the problem.

The obstacle is the way.

All other attempts are avoidance.

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