You Don’t Want To Be Sick Like Me – Song

You don’t want to be sick like me

I took some antibiotics… to show the Lyme I know what’s up. Symptoms were all over my gut was 10 years older but fuck it I don’t know what to do.

I’m living out in Utah. Infrared sauna in my room. I’m losing money daily cuz I’m healing like crazy cuz I spend it on ozone tools.

You don’t wanna be sick, like, me
All coming from one tick, like me
You don’t want to be researching every hour, all alone.
You don’t want be tired like this. When you need to sleep wired like this…
You don’t ever wanna be stuck up in your home singing… stuck up in your home singing

Aaaaaaall. I knooow. I’ve no idea . Which doctor is right or wrong
Singing aaaalll. I know. I have no idea. When this will be gone.

I’m just a top salesman. Who lost all he had. I get along with old friends cuz I focus on the trend of making big money once again.

I can’t keep a girl, noooo. Always love me at first sight. But when I crash for three weeks pushing back the next meet they all think I’m ghosting them upright


Had to go back to my hometown. I brought my mindset and my smile. My friends are still here but we’ve aged different years and they not sure why I can’t take run a mile.

I walked around downtown. People eating at McDonalds. They say you look healthy like a model so here’s a beer bottle so I looked them in the eyes and I said

Aaaaaaall. I knooow. Is I have no ideaaa. No ideaaaa.
Singing aaaalll. I know. I have no idea. But I won’t stop fighting till it’s gone..

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